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Portuguese-English Illustrated Dictionary of Medical and Dental Terminology, Second Edition, is an updated and completely revised edition, based on the e-book version available through the Amazon website. It has been a sales success, staying on the best-seller list for several weeks. Now, it is also available in printed form, so you can take it wherever you want, without having to rely on Internet access, e-readers, or technology. Designed to help you to read and write medical and dental texts in both Portuguese and English, this Dictionary is one of the major current contributions for understanding and studying medical and dental terminology, as well as specific terms and expressions within the health area. What draws the reader’s attention is that the terms come from recognized textbooks, medical journals and specialized texts, accepted and certified worldwide. The Dictionary has more than 16 thousand entries, ranging from basic subjects such as Anatomy, Histology and Pharmacology to classic medical specialities such as ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) and Neurology, in addition to Dental terms. After the entries in English, it presents the precise translation and an objective and synthetic definition in Portuguese, without losing its terminological and conceptual accuracy. In this new edition, more than 150 figures were added to clarify the explanations and help you to understand the meaning of the terms.

Portuguese-English Illustrated Dictionary of Medical and Dental Terminology, 2nd

SKU: 03
  • Autor(es): Ana Julia Perrotti-Garcia e Sergio Jesus-Garcia

    Páginas: 400 em papel couché 90g.

    Formato: 14 x 21cm

    Acabamento: Brochura

    ISBN: 978-85-68382-02-8

    Ano de Lançamento: 2016

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